My name is Brian Staley, and I am asking for your vote and support as the Republican Party candidate for Judge of Harris County Civil Court at Law Number 4. I am an attorney and small business owner.

I have over 25 years of experience as an attorney practicing civil law. I have spent much of my career practicing law in the County Civil Courts at Law. I have the courtroom experience and the legal background to do this job, and to do it well.

I have litigated thousands of cases, handling matters including mediations, pre-trial hearings, bench trials, and jury trials. I have been involved in over 50 appeals, including winning appeals before the Texas Supreme Court.

I have appeared in cases not just in Harris County, but in over 90 Texas counties. From this experience, I know very well what makes a good judge. The best judges are prepared, are willing to listen, are unbiased, and maintain a calm demeanor.

The rule of law must be respected for liberty to be protected. Changing the rules to achieve a predetermined outcome undermines both. I believe strongly that everyone before the court must be treated fairly and have the right to be heard, whether you have an attorney or if you are on your own arguing your case. You have the right to a fair judge that will treat you with the dignity and respect that is your due as a Texas citizen.

In addition to being an experienced attorney, seven years ago, my wife and I opened a small retail business. This has been a rewarding and challenging experience. In addition to navigating regulations and taxes, we have dealt with flooding, the government-imposed shutdown that nearly forced us out of business, and an increase in crime. I understand what it means to meet payroll and to keep operating through difficult times. Our local community has been wonderful and supportive, which I greatly value and appreciate.

  • RAttorney and local Small Business Owner
  • R25 years of courtroom experience
  • RStrongly believe in fair, dignified treatment
  • RPrepared and willing to listen

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